Elemental Spirits

I had for some time been thinking about painting the elements and the seasons, they do of course come along in their own sweet time, usually when I’m painting something else and the elemental spirit series was no exception. The first one to show herself was Fire, quickly followed by Water, then Earth and Air. It was some time before Spirit arrived, but when she did she made a huge impact, my connection to her as I painted could be felt as a physical sensation which was a little disconcerting and I still get the feeling that if she opened her eyes we would lose ourselves forever. 


Spirit of Earth, patient keeper of the world, nourishing all souls and physical senses, stubbornly holding to your Will.


Spirit of Fire, centered Will and strong emotion, creative energy, heat and light and need
​ for change. 


Spirit of Air, soaring inspiration and swirling ideas, thoughts and life energy swept along,
​ no desire to land. 


Spirit, everlasting soul of enduring wisdom, all seeing guidance and ancestral knowledge, forever home, encompassing all. 


Spirit of Water, healing flow of love and intuition, softly creating, sensual desire and drowning in deep emotion.