Crystal Spirits

Crystals have wonderful healing vibrations, these energies can have a deep effect on many levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and this has inspired me to capture their energies in spirit form. These paintings also correspond to six of the chakras or energy centres of the body.  

Clear Quartz

With balance and clarity she observes the inner world, bringing the wisdom and focus of a quiet mind.

Clear Quartz

She sees clearly the power of knowledge and understanding, bringing perception and peace in the shifting waves of life.


The Spirit lifts in blissful calm and ethereal beauty, connecting with love, knowledge and deepest insight to spirit and universal power.


With sunny warmth she shares her optimism and confidence, encouraging restful balance and power.

"Considering her reflection, she sees long held desires, standing strong, protected, she is focused and anchored,
​knowing her needs are met she moves forward to a better future."

Rose Quartz

She sits, a quiet oasis of peace and love, bringing healing, fulfillment and wonder to all hearts.

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Disclaimer.All Rights Reserved - I reserve the right to make prints and/or new images of any of my original artwork. 

The sources for my artworks are from my own photographs, real items and professional and amateur photographers. These works are:
. Public Domain (free to reuse for both personal and commercial purposes);
. Under Creative Commons licenses (free to use with certain restriction)
. With permission of the photographer;
 This means that while my paintings themselves may not be reproduced without permission, the images they are based upon are free for anyone else to use. In almost all cases I will cite the source/author of my reference photos.  It's important to me to respect the intellectual property of others by using public domain sources, providing attribution where necessary, and obtaining permission from the artist whenever the use of their work is in question.