If you would like to capture a special person, pet or place an original painting can be a wonderful way to keep memories alive.  I work in pastel when painting portraits of people and pets as this medium gives a beautiful softness and depth, and I use acrylic for those special places that mean the most to us. 
Prices start at £155.00 for 11 x 14 inches for one portrait and £45 for every additional image.  If you would like to commission a painting or to get more information please contact me. 

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Disclaimer.All Rights Reserved - I reserve the right to make prints and/or new images of any of my original artwork. 

The sources for my artworks are from my own photographs, real items and professional and amateur photographers. These works are:
. Public Domain (free to reuse for both personal and commercial purposes);
. Under Creative Commons licenses (free to use with certain restriction)
. With permission of the photographer;
 This means that while my paintings themselves may not be reproduced without permission, the images they are based upon are free for anyone else to use. In almost all cases I will cite the source/author of my reference photos.  It's important to me to respect the intellectual property of others by using public domain sources, providing attribution where necessary, and obtaining permission from the artist whenever the use of their work is in question.