Blessed Thistle

This painting has a very special place in my heart and signified a turning point in my belief in my artistic ability.  Inspiration came very quickly but that was the easy part, I soon realised that this was no ordinary painting and I found myself dedicating every spare moment of my day and night to it. I have always been a spiritual person but I found that during the six weeks that it took to finish her, my connection to spirit increased vastly. 

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. Public Domain (free to reuse for both personal and commercial purposes);
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 This means that while my paintings themselves may not be reproduced without permission, the images they are based upon are free for anyone else to use. In almost all cases I will cite the source/author of my reference photos.  It's important to me to respect the intellectual property of others by using public domain sources, providing attribution where necessary, and obtaining permission from the artist whenever the use of their work is in question.