Animal Instincts

A Mischief Of Mice

Mice are timid, shy, little creatures, their nests are neat, perfect little homes and although there are a lot of dangers waiting for them, they only focus on what's in front of them, concentrating on their immediate surroundings. For us this can mean that maybe we need to de clutter, physically or emotionally or we should be focusing on the details, this can be a strength as long as we don't forget the bigger picture. Are we being timid and not asserting ourselves enough or perhaps we are being aggressive and should be softer. Mice are also prolific which makes them an obvious sign of fertility and rebirth but this is not necessarily just physical, it can mean abundance, creativity or social connections. So next time a little mouse pays you a visit take a good look at the context, maybe you need to clean out that cupboard.

Cornflower Mouse
Blackberry Twins
In The Corn Field

Winter Magic

Winter Stag 
Winter Owl 

The Herd 

Horses represent our inner strength and driving force, our motivations, how we overcome obstacles and our freedom to express ourselves. They are a guide to our true selves and how we really feel, are we wild, free or lost, are we secure, tamed, constrained or moving freely, they can show us that our lives are good and developing well or that something needs to change.

Light Dancer

​Light Dancer flew over my head as I lay in bed early one morning. As you can imagine its quite a sight to see a large white horse, with mane and tail flying, racing above you. She had to be painted of course but trying to fit her on a normal size piece of paper became a challenge in itself, so in the end I had to settle for just her head, note to self, need bigger paper.   ​

Spirit Of Freedom
Running Free

The Wolf Pack

​Wolves are loyal, social, intelligent beings who are deeply connected to their instincts and intuition, trust and communication are vital. They guide us by making us aware of our inner emotional state, asking us to trust our intuition and instinctive intelligence. Wolf energy can show us that we are nurtured, supported and protected, that freedom and passion are strong in us but they can also show that we are threatened or deceived by others, that we are to trusting in someone or that we are not trusting ourselves, that emotions are out of balance and we need to look at ourselves more closely.


The Omega of a pack are usually the general rank and file, the older pups and siblings of wolf society but I felt that when he came through, that although his name is 'Omega' he was no ordinary lowly pack  member but a defender, second only to his Alpha father, watching and protecting, always on alert for  danger and ready to defend his own. When hung on a wall he watches the doors and safeguards all in his care.


Listening is the alpha female of this little family and whilst some feel she looks like a dog, she really is a wolf.  Mother to the pack, strong, protective teacher, she waits with her pups, listening for the rest of the family to return with food  and help with her growing brood. ​​


​'Alpha' the strong, protective father and playmate, provider, leader and teacher of his family.



Winter Wolf Howling


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