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About Me


I am an artist designer and writer living in the small seaside town of Burry Port in West Wales. I love living by the sea and count myself as very lucky to be able to walk, my border collie and constant companion, along such a beautiful coastline.

I've been a pastel artist since I was young and found acrylic paints some years ago, which allowed me to expand my painting range and develop new skills.

Since then I've delved into ceramics, fabric painting and much more. I love being able to grow and expand my abilities, there is so much ​fun to be had in learning new skills.  As I continue along my artistic journey I am now writing my first book, this is based on one of my paintings and there are many more to come.

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Growing up in the South Wales Valleys I spent much of my childhood with my feet in the streams, climbing up the mountains and playing hide and seek in the woods.It was there that I developed a love for trees, wild flowers and the magical beings that everyday grownup eyes don't see, fairies, elves and sleeping dragons. This gave me a strong spiritual connection that has stayed with me, deepening throughout my life and influencing my artwork


I've been a light worker and energetic healer for many years and although I've had the normal everyday jobs that we all have to have, I know that my passion is to bring this love of nature and the wonderful connection to source or universal power that binds us all, to as many people as I can.